The 440 Box: Get Your Local Groceries

March 31, 2015

Greetings from Jen Faulkner on the 440 Ranch, located outside of Riverton, Wyoming. Please visit to read a little more about me and my history.  Kathleen O'Leary owns the 440, and I am partnering with her to make this place as productive as possible. Kathleen and I share a vision of growing, consuming, and selling nutrient dense local food, free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and hormones. I left my conventional job as an environmental consultant, earlier this year to pursue my passions of growing wholesome food for myself and others.  My personal dream is deliver to local families each week, a box of groceries containing as many home-grown products as possible.


The recent passing of the Wyoming Food Freedom Bill now allows for the direct sale of many farm products between a farmer and consumer.  The 440 is home to a chicken processing wagon, and we are well-practiced in raising and processing free-ranging chickens.  The 440 will receive new flocks of meat birds and laying hens this spring.  This will allow us to offer high quality eggs and chickens later in the season.  We are also planting gardens, hosting all-natural grass-fed beef on a management intensive grazing system, and last but not least have two grass-fed dairy cows who will be freshening in the month of April. 

Daisy and AdoraDaisy and AdoraDaisy & Adora both Jersey cows, 4 and 5 years old respectively. The girls previously lived on the Doyle Family Farm, where they were grass fed. All cows on the 440 Ranch are grass-fed, hormone-free, and well-treated.

Raw milk is the first product the 440 will be selling, and membership space is limited.  The minimum amount required to enroll in a membership is one half gallon per week, with the maximum order amount based on supply.  Members orders will always be filled before additional outside sales are available.  By enrolling in the 440 membership program, you will not only gain access to the delivery of raw milk to your home, you will also have initial preference to purchase future ranch products.  The annual 440 membership fee is $50.  Each week an e-mail will be sent to members, with the ranch offerings included in that week's delivery. You decide what you would like in your box, and as a member, you will receive a 10% discount on your entire box.  There are several other local producers who are like-minded in the quality of food they grow, consume, and sell. In order to provide my customers with a good variety and ample supply of food in your box, I may enlist the help of my fellow farmers to feed you.  If the products offered are not from the 440, the farm of origin will be featured here with details on production.  This is a great way to grow our local food economy, and offers you the convenience of delivered fresh produce right to your door.


Membership Milk Prices (includes delivery)                             Drop Location & Farmer's Market Milk Prices (as available)     

$9/Gallon                                                                                          $10/Gallon

$4.50/Half Gallon                                                                            $5/Half Gallon


There are two options for obtaining food from the 440 Ranch.  One is to enroll in a 440 Membership, which guarantees you milk delivery every week.  The other choice is to visit the drop location or farmer's markets as supplies and the market season last. By enrolling in a membership, you will be eligible to have your 440 Box delivered to your home.  For home delivery, someone needs to be present to receive your box, or arrangements need to be made with me if you have an outside fridge etc. where I can leave your food.  Members will need to sign a liability waiver and provide glass jars, unless purchasing jars from me at $3.00 per half gallon jar.  Members are responsible for cleaning their jars, and will receive the same set back every other week.  If you do not wish to enroll in a membership, or if you live more than a mile from Lander or Riverton, you can meet me at the drop locations with the time and day of week yet to be determined.  Milk will only be available to non-members if the supply exists for that week.  You can have a membership and choose to pick up at the drop location, but you must be a member to receive home delivery.


It is important that members realize that farming is a seasonal enterprise. I will try to offer products for as many months of the year as possible, but will certainly slow down during the winter season. The dairy cows will be allowed to dry up Jan-March, as they and I will be looking forward to a break. Milk will not be available during these months, although milk can be frozen, so those wanting to be stocked through this season can order two gallons during the fall with anticipation of storing for the winter, if the supply is available.


The first ten people to enroll will be granted a membership, with all of those thereafter added to a wait list in the order of response. As my cows have yet to calve, I am unsure yet as to their production levels, and want to guarantee a consistent milk supply for members.  I anticipate being able to add many more members, but will be starting conservatively for the sake of those who commit early.  Milk delivery is anticipated to begin the first week of May, with membership fees due on April 15th.  Members will be e-mailed a monthly bill for any farm products received, with cash or check required for payment.  If you have more questions about me or the operation, please feel free to write or give me a call at 307-761-2556.  Future postings will include lots of information about the 440 and other related farm topics.  Thank you for your interest, and hope to feed you soon! Jen 



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