Jen Faulkner was raised on a desert cattle ranch in southeast Wyoming. Her rural upbringing largely shaped her appreciation for the natural world and the demands of making a sustainable living off of the land. Jen traveled and worked in many western states, but returned to her home state to complete her Master's Degree in Soil Sciences.

Jen once printed pictures in her own rudimentary darkroom, but now experiments more extensively with digital photography. Also during her graduate studies, Jen received the Larsh Bristol Photojouralism Award, which initially funded her project Reflections of A Cowman's Daughter.

Much of the work featured here was produced from this project. Many Wyoming ranchers have graciously hosted Jen over the past year, and this experience has inspired her to continue pursuing her evolution as a photographer. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve as an avenue portraying the integrity, perseverance, and beauty she continuously observes throughout the ranching community.

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